Dobermann-Zwinger von der Wartburgstadt
von Kerstin & Maik Gerth seit 2008

D.o.b. 05.05.1997    died 01.01.2007



It was Kevin’s 9th birthday – a Sunday in mid July. At the breakfast table we looked through the newspaper and glanced over the adds.
There were puppy dogs on offer – BERN SENN puppies. Oh, we always wanted a big dog for our new home and estate.
But … they were already gone. All of them. Below, there was another add for Doberman puppies. Isn’t a Doberman a big dog as well and an elegant one?
There were still two female puppies. Off we went to look at them! Look? We saw and we took them.
This black anxious looking baby was only 10 weeks old and on the way home the little girl got her name: Nancy.

We hadn’t just bought a dog there! No, a Doberman is not just a dog. However, back then we had no idea how much this puppy dog would change our lives.


Nancy was an emotional, even though a bit insecure dog. Attentive and alert with all senses, smart and unbelievably faithful.
But very skeptical against everything new. At seven months, she asserted the chief position from our half-breed male and occupied it ever since.
In all these years she was always strong and healthy. There were at most some scratches to take care of. Eating was her second name –
there was nothing she didn’t like. I recall an incidence that really scared us to death:

Nancy loved ice cream more than anything else. Our refrigerator had broken and the ice from the freezer melted.
The ice cream sticks started to get soft and I put one of them on Nancy’s feeding bowl. Nancy started to lick with the greatest pleasure
and when I looked five minutes later, the stick was gone, too. What a nightmare.
I called to the veterinarian and pictured my beloved dog on the surgery table. But the veterinarian calmed us down and told us to wait
and see if it would come out again. Wait? How long? A few days? I first thought he had gone mad. How is this supposed to work out?
But it did! After three days of anxious waiting, the stick came out in one piece and undamaged. I had never thought it would.

Some time after, we took Ivanhoe to our house. A marvelous brown, very self secure male. He provided security and coolness to our insecure Nancy.
It was at least partly also due to her life experience that made her such a passionate companion.
At six years, we did the companion dog exam. While preparing for the tests, I learnt how much fun working with dogs can be.

Traces, plays, and regular work at the dog training place became an important part of our lives. We were already inextricably linked with the Doberman.
Nancy has shown to us what wonderful dogs Dobermans are. Through her, we lost our hearts to the Doberman breed and are grateful to her forever.
We miss you very much. You will always be in our hearts!

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