Dobermann-Zwinger von der Wartburgstadt
von Kerstin & Maik Gerth seit 2008



Our A – team was born!

Our Ophaya has born 12 puppy dogs. They are healthy. The name of the proud father is Kosmos.
They are 7 males and 5 she dogs – all in black.

The mother and her puppies are very well. The puppies are total active and very quick to find their meal. Ophaya is an excellent mother.
The puppies will be growing up in our family for finding good relations to the humans and the daily living.
That is the corner stone for the socialization together with our pride and the other dogs.

We hope to find a nice home in a family. We are against boarding kennel.
puppy dogs will be not cropped.


Paradiz Ronado Kosmos           Ophaya vom Residenzschloss

WT.18.03.2003, ZTP V 1A, IPO 1, HD A,                          WT. 09.01.2005,

Augen test frei, Cardio frei (11/2007) ZTP V 1B,

AIAD Sieger 2006, ADP Sieger 2007,                                VPG 1,

DCE Sieger 2007,                                                            HD A,

Internat./Ital./Russischer/Slovenischer-Champion,               Cardio frei (24h EKG-10/2007)

IDC Champion class Winner 2007,                                     Sg2 - EDTWS Graz 2006 (Dr. Schüler)

IDC Work class Winner 2006,                                            V-Graz-Winner-Show 2007 (Gschwindl)

Best brown male TROFEO AIAD CALIANDRO ´07 &´06,      V3 - IHA Graz 2007 (E. Kugler)

Best brown male TROFEO AIAD LIGURIA ´06 &´05,

Young Russian Champion, Russian Dobermann Club Champion


Paradiz Ronado Kosmos

Ardens Gauguin

Alfa Adelante del Citone

Ardens Eclypse De Luna

S'Lichobor Tornada

Alfa Adelante del Citone

E'Bazylea Helloween

Ophaya vom Residenzschloss

Vero van het Wantij

Jivago van het Wantij

Grafin Goldie v. Franckenhorst

Carrera vom Residenzschloss

Alfa Adelante del Citone

Ria Royal Bell

Photo gallery A-litter