Dobermann-Zwinger von der Wartburgstadt
von Kerstin & Maik Gerth seit 2008

News from the year 2009


AmunRa gets the result V3 on the CACIB Kassel. Dominik has learned a lot and he presents his dog good!
We are very proud of these wonderful dog, congratulations!
Our Ophaya was mated on Dec 01, 2009 by the male Henry von der Horringhauser Höh. We hope Ophaya will give us healthy and agile offspring.

Valentin has now passed his ZTP in Darmstadt. He showed an excellent protection work! This was rewarded with 1A.
The HD X-ray findings are here! Valentin, Arwen und AmunRa are HD free!

Valentin and Maik passed the BH in Diemelstadt. Congratulations!

We went to Graz to the Europen Dobermann Trophy Winner Show. It was a very nice weekend with temperatures of about 31 till 36 degree.
Ophaya and Baileys take place on a DCM - study on the LMU Munich.
The evaluation from the 24h Holter electrocardiogram was ok -  no suspicion of Dillatative cardiomyopathy! We are very happy about the findings.
    Valentin, Arwen and AmunRa were in Kassel for an X-ray (HD) investigation.
National and International Dog Show in Erfurt
It was a successful weekends for us and our yougsters!
Aragorn and Arwen were the winner of the youth class on Saturday and AmunRa get's the result SG2 and Artus SG3. Valentin gets the result V1, CAC and BOB in intermediate class.
On Sunday Artus became the Champion of Youth in Thuringia. Aragorn gets a SG2 and AmunRa SG3. Valentin gets the result V1, CAC in intermediate class. The judge was Mr. Becht.
Thanks to all the owners for the grateful performance and congratulation again. We are very proud about the A-litter to get such a big success.
New pictures of Antares in new home
New pictures of AmunRa, Aragorn, Antares and Artus in new home
Baileys passed the ZTP with result V1B in Uthleben. The judge was Norbert Daube.
We drove to Dresden to the National Dog Show. AmunRa get's a SG3, Arwen a SG2 in the youth class and Valentin a V1 VDH CAC, CAC-Res. in the intermediate class. Congratulations!
On the 26 of Feruary 2009 Valentin gets the title "German Youth Champion VDH"! We are very proud of our big boy!
New pictures of Amphilyki, Aragorn, Akiro and Anastacia in new home

We are relocated!

In the end of January we are relocated from our single family house (area - 500 m²) to a big

farm with 4500 m². The reason was the love to our dogs.

Here we have a lot of space, a gigantic garden with many fruit trees, a barn and a stable.

There are all things that you need at a farm.

Now we are living in a small village, together with nice and friendly people near by the

historical border between East and West Germany. So we have changed from Thuringia to

Hessen, exactly at the Ringgau department.

It was a good choice and we are filing very well.