Dobermann-Zwinger von der Wartburgstadt
von Kerstin & Maik Gerth seit 2008

News from the year 2011



Ivanhoe vom Residenzschloss 27.09.2002 - 12.10.2006

We think of you always!
Our journey together was a short beautiful dream...
The love for you remains in our hearts forever.


Belinda now got the title "German Youth Champion VDH" awarded!
We are incredibly proud of you and hope you are developing yourself so on well.


Our Baileys is 5 years old today!
You are, who is always cheerful, no bad mood, knows us with your stubborn sometimes frantic and just doing the most amazing dog in the world. Stay with us for a long time!


Belinda today on the country group winners show in Treuenbrietzen, become the fourth Winner title in a row. She is now "Brandenburg Youth Winner 2011"!
It was a very nice show, great fun is done, thank the whole team and Günther Ehrenreich as a judge.


On the National and International Dog Show in Leipzig, Belinda could get their final qualifying for the German Youth Champion VDH.
Belinda is the first dog, from our breed, which could gain all qualifyings to the title.


Happy Birthday!

Our B-litter celebrates today its first Birthday!
Congratulations to Barney, Blade, Benneton, Bruges, Blackmore, Black Pearl, Baldwin, Baghira, Brownson, Belinda and Britney!
1 year has now passed since we you happy as tiny puppies had in their hands.
Today we are proud to beautiful adult Dobermans.
We wish all puppies pretty healthy and maks your families happy with much joy in the future.
Kerstin, Maik, Mama Baileys an the Dobers from the Wartburgstadt.


Belinda is the Youth Champion of Niedersachsen 2011!

From the Hungarian judge Tamás Dohószki they got a SG1 and the qualifying for the Junior Champion VDH.
This is Belinda's third Junior Winner title. We are very happy!
Arwen got by great competitor a V and a great rating.

The weather was bad, but a very nice show!


Belinda is the Youth Champion of Thuringia 2011!

During the show of the winner in Uthleben Belinda became her second SG1.
A great success!
In spite of problems in the beginning of the performance from Blackmore was the presentation OK and he gets an SG in the Youth class of black male.
A great assessment but unfortunately only the fifth position.

Dear Ingrid - thank very much your support by your beautyful male.
We had a lot of fun!


On Withsun our dog Benetton has been blast a housebreaking. After opening the door the burglar has to go outside very quick in case of Benetton.
He was on this time only 10 months old.

We were very proud - great job Benetton!


On this day AmunRa got the title V1 during the National show in Erfurt in the open class and her first CAC for the German Chamion VDH.

Thank you to Dominik the great presentation of your dog!


We have visited Black Pearl.
Belinda and her sister Black Pearl had a lot of fun and for us it was very nice on this afternoon together with all the friends.
Thank you very much - it was so beautiful in the Wohratal.

Pictures of Pearly you can see in the gallery - have a lot of fun!


Belinda is the Youth Champion of Westphalia in 2011!

On the age of only nine month Belinda was the winner of the youth class for brown females with the assessment SG1 in Kaunitz. Great job Belinda - it was your first show.
Congratulations to Blade for his SG3 in youth class. He is a great male an his performance was OK. With a little bit more training he wants to be able to attend to the next show events.

Thanks to Annalena - it was a wonterful day for us!


We mourn the death of Kathleen vom Residenzschloss!

Today Kathleen is sleeping for ever. She dies.
Thank's for giving us Baileys. You will live again in our hearts.
Dear Kathy - have a good journey in your new home.


We are very sad.

Ophaya is gone for ever!

With an age of only 6 years she travels over the rainbow in her new home. We can’t understand it – it’s not possible to describe our pain.