Dobermann-Zwinger von der Wartburgstadt
von Kerstin & Maik Gerth seit 2008


On 31 May 2010 our Baileys has born 11 puppies from Massimo Ekoeby di Matario.

They are 5 brown males, 3 black males, 1 brown female and 2 black females. The mother and puppies are doing very well.
Massimo is a male of the international top class.

He became the titles of Austrian champion and has the candidatures for international and slowenian champion.
He has a first class pedigree with many breeding dogs.
Massimo is in very well condition of healthy what you can see in the actual status of examination.

More information:

In this case we hope us healthy and strong dogs with a high rating of appearance.
They should be able for exhibitions and the family again on the same level.

We hope to find a nice home in a family. We are against boarding kennel.
The puppy dogs will be not cropped.

Massimo Ekoeby di Matario                                   Diamont von Batorkeszy Baileys

  • WT.: 19.12.2005                                           WT.: 09.09.2006
  • ZTP V 1A, IPO 1                                           ZTP V 1B, BH
  • Cardio free (24h EKG - 03/2009)                     Cardio free (24h EKG - 07/2009)
  • HD B                                                            HD A
  • PHTVL/PHPV frei, PRA frei                            Sg2 LG Siegerschau Westfahlen 2007                 
    Katarakt frei                                                    (I. Ebertstaller) Jugendklasse
  • vWD frei                                                       Sg4 LG Siegerschau Thüringen 2007
  • DNA getestet                                                  (Th. Becht) Jugendklasse
  • Dilute frei                                                      Sg4 CAC Lampertheim 2007
  • Österreichischer Champion                               (H. Wiblishauser) Jugendklasse
    Graz Winner 2010                                          V3 - 6.Vienna Dobermann Winner Show 2008    
    ÖDK Vize Klubchampion 2008                          (Th.Becht)
    ÖDK Doublewinner 2008                                 V2, CAC-Res. - LG Siegerschau Thüringen 2008
    Tulln Sieger 2008                                             (N. Daube)
    Graz Winner 2008                                          V - EDTWS Graz 2009 (Erika Szokol)
    Tulln Sieger 2007
    ÖDK - Jüngstensieger 2006                              Baileys is vWD free


Massimo Ekoeby di Matario

Eko Royal Bell

Nitro del Rio Bianco

Zara Royal Bell

Eby Aljoko di Matario

Alfa Adelante del Citone

Ajoko Quirono di Matario

Diamont von Bátorkeszy Baileys

Chevy Extra Moravak

Como Jivono di Matario

Elis Extra Moravak

Kathleen vom Residenzschloss

Zolotaya Dinastiya Shannon

Francesca vom Residenzschloss